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Quickly accessible housing, fully furnished.
On holiday parks in the Netherlands and Belgium


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Very short term rentals up to years

More than 5,000 accommodations

Fully furnished

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On holiday parks in the Netherlands and Belgium


Additional Services

We deliver made-to-measure.
For temporary rental to personnel we offer extra services such as:

Wide choice of accommodations

For 1 person or large groups

Looking to rent furnished houses for a longer period of time? Our holiday homes are often rented out to accommodate migrant workers (expats). But there are also situations in which you, as a private individual, may need to temporarily rent accommodation, for example when renovating your current home or bridging the gap between your old and new home.


Flexible approach

Our customers are particularly satisfied with our flexible approach. One phone call and we arrange a solution the same day. Good communication with our customers is therefore very important. We deliver custom-made solutions for 1 night or long periods of time. Appointments are clearly recorded, so that it is clear what is expected.